Got Power Factor? - Got Clean Power? - Got Surge, Spike and Noise Protection? - We do, try PowerwoRx & e~Liminator.

Affordable Energy Solutions

Let us show you how you can save up to 100% of your energy bills, plus receive up to 75% of the new system installation costs through Federal and State incentives:

Solar Thermal

(Saves up to 80% of hot water and 50% of heat) ,

Solar PV

(saves up to 100% of electric),

Geo Thermal

(saves up to 50% of HVAC),

Space heating

(saves up to 40% of heat),

Power Conditioning

(saves up to 27% of  electric),

Pool Heating and more visit us at:

or Call 800-961-4969

Village Gone Green is a division of Bernardi Electric, Inc. a licensed electrical contractor.

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Learn how PowerwoRx can lower electric bills and protect your equipment and electronics from surges and spikes  and also provide noise filtration. Available for residential and commercial use.

PowerwoRx Whole House Power Conditioner - Residential Applications

When it comes to electrical use, today's home is much different than it was even a decade ago. With rising energy costs and the use of electronics continuing to increase with no end in sight, our electrical systems need to be more efficient and at the same time provide better quality power. Surges, spikes and electrical noise provide a very real threat to the appliances and electronic devices in our homes. There has never been a better time for a Whole House Energy Management System.

PowerwoRx e3 by Continental Power Corporation:

  • Equipment Protection
  • Electrical Noise Filtration
  • Energy savings

PowerwoRx Power Conditioner - Commercial Applications

A unique application of proven technology, the PowerwoRx Clean Power System (CPS) provides your business with the electrical power conditioning capabilities previously available only to the largest facilities and installations. The PowerwoRx Clean Power System provides Power Factor Correction, Complete Surge and Spike Suppression, and Noise Filtration. Also it dramatically reduce operating expenses by saving energy, lowering maintenance costs and extending the useful life of motors and machinery.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 10 Year Limited Product Warranty
  • System Generally Pays for Itself Within 2 Years



e~Liminator -  Power Filter

Your heating and cooling system, refrigerator, fans, and pumps have motors that generate surges and noise when they are turned on and off. These surges, spikes, and notches can have enough energy to damage expensive equipment, such as HDTVs and computers, and can dramatically shorten their life.

Optimized for Installation In: Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Sports Bars, Bowling Centers, Grocery Stores, Home Theaters

Great for Protecting:
Computers, HDTVs, Audio Systems, Scoreboards, Cash Registers, Recording Equipment


e~liminator Studio - Power Filters Rack-Mount

Clean power in audio and video studios is crucial for quality recording and processing. Nevertheless, many never recieve clean power. The e~liminator Studio & VIII, however, filter out noise, transients, and distortion associated with:

  • noise from components sharing the power line
  • initial patch cable contacting
  • crosstalk from wireless transmitters
  • studio appliances
  • lighting and dimmer controls
  • HVAC systems starting and stopping
  • interference from wireless phones and routers
  • RF from motorized equipment

Watch this video to learn more: Click Here




PowerwoRx Sample Analysis

This is a sample of a Medium 

Size Business with an

 electrical  yearly bill of

approx. $127,000 and is

generating  at about 10%

savings by just correcting

the power factor on his

electrical system. 

The system consists of

2 PF correction and 1 PF

correction and protection.


PowerwoRx Sys.-- $8,450.00

Installation ---------- $1,350.00

Total ----------------- $9,800.00


Yr elect. consum.=$127,000.00

Min 10%. mo. save =$1,058.33

Total cost of invest.=$9,800.00

Divided mo. savings=$1,058.33

Pay back --------- 7.8 Months


ROI: Return on Investment

(after payback) is approximately

$244,200.00 calculated on a 20

year minimum life span of units.

There is also the savings of

electricity increase and the

savings expense of equipment

repairs due to the protection.